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    My windows 10 mashing suddenly started to play tricks on my. Looks like the ch340 driver not working anymore and I can not connect to the Z80.
    I have deleted the driver and re installed 10 times but I just get a message that the “device is not woking ” when I insert the cable. Both with and without the Z80 connected.

    Anyone seen this before ?

    regards Roland


    Do you have an Arduino Nano handy Roland, one with the CH340G? That would confirm whether its a driver problem or a hardware failure.
    Also I’d try a different cable, they do fail, and some are ‘charge only’ with no through data connection, only power.
    USB drivers are loaded on a per-port basis, so have you changed USB ports?
    You probably dont need it but for reference here’s a 340G driver tutorial:
    They’re normally totally reliable but if its definitely hardware I can include a new CH340 board with your 8255 card.


    Hi, yes I have one Nano stucked away somewhere. I found a ESP32 with the “square” usb to serial chip and that one worked. Need to find the Nano and try.
    I just checked ebay and they are dirt cheep but like 50 days delivery from, outer space … So If you have one to spare please add one in the package

    regards roland


    Yes, things that have tricked me before are:
    * Broken or cheapo USB cable. Just try another.
    * Wrong version of the CH340 driver. There are more than one on the web. Try the latest.
    * Rebooting computer after installing driver may help!


    Hi, After testing 3 usb cables I actually got it to work again.Very frustrating with cheapo cables.


    Good work 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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