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    This compiler comes from the guy who wrote BBCBASIC for CP/M, it was one of the incentives to make an I/O board for the Playground. Back in the day I had this running on my Ferguson Big-Board CP/M box, and at the time – before Soundblasters, Audacity and AY3-8910 ‘chip-tunes’ – it was quite a showpiece with its four-part harmony and wide tonal variation. It was featured on CP/M Usergroup UK disk 13, which is archived here:
    Tune files are written with line numbers like BASIC and I recall spending over a week coding ‘Stairway to Heaven’ – now long gone on discarded 8″ disks.
    The programs hardware requirements are simple – all it needs is one 8-bit port and a digital-analogue converter. I used my old SounDAC.

    Here’s a video, the pieces are truncated as a lot of the tunes are full length – a long time!


    EDIT: I’ve just found a later version (3.5) of this compiler, along with a few more tunes – its on CPMUGUK disk 50:

    I’ve uploaded the v3.5 Music program pre-configured for the Playground and 8255 board to under the CP/M header.
    If you dont have a ZN426E a simple passive R-2R DAC made from resistors will suffice for a ‘line out’. Currently a ZN426E seems to be around £7
    With the current silicon shortage, electronics is becoming an expensive hobby 🙂 or, RS have the TLC7524 for £4.50

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