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  1. hi was wondering if you cud explain how does cpm or any os work on a chip and how the chip detects file system. You have nice videos on youtube.

    1. That’s quite a big question to answer! In the case of my Z80 Playground it works like this:
      The “chip” is a Z80, which is the CPU I used. The operating system (cp/m) is stored on “disk” (in this case on a USB Drive). When the Z80 Playground is switched on it knows nothing about operating systems or file systems. So it just starts running Z80 code. It just so happens that I have written a program called a “boot” loader. This is stored in ROM at location 0000. The boot loader contains just enough code to load up the operating system from the USB Drive, store it in RAM, and then start running that code. The Z80 Playground then switches off the ROM and runs the CP/M operating system instead.
      In the case of the Z80 Playground, the CH376S module knows how to read Windows FAT format disks. The Z80 can just talk to that module to read the disks.

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