Downloads & Updates

Here is the latest release of the Z80 Playground CP/M. It is release 1.07.01 dated 7th February 2021. It is a good, reliable, stable release, and I recommend you to upgrade to it! It fixes a but that prevented some programs returning back to CP/M when you quit them, and fixes a bug that prevented MLOAD.COM from working.

Here is release 1.06g, dated 6th February 2021. It is a good, reliable, stable release that fixes a few minor bugs.

Here is release 1.06e dated 4th February 2021. It improves speed, fixes a bug that stopped BBC BASIC working, and tidies up the code.

To install one of these releases you should:

  • Make a backup of your .bin files in the /CPM folder of the USB Drive
  • Download this file and unzip it on your PC
  • Extract the core.bin, bios.bin, bdos.bin and ccp.bin
  • Copy these files into /CPM to replace the existing ones
  • Put the USB drive back into the Z80 Playground and reset it

You are advised to always upgrade to the most recent one!