New batch of Z80 Playgrounds nearly ready!

I’ve been asked when the next lot of Z80 Playgrounds will be available. The answer is… Soon! I’m waiting on a few components, but they will be here in a few days.

18 thoughts on “New batch of Z80 Playgrounds nearly ready!”

      1. Hi there!
        Is there any way to reserve one of the new kits?
        I would really hate to miss the opportunity again…

  1. Thanks for all the efforts. I look forward to getting one in one form or another. Missed out last time around and been biding my time ever since! Happy to buy as soon as you have available.

  2. Just found this site as I’ve been perusing the web for z80 kits. The last one I built was circa 1981. This one looks fantastic! Please let me know when the new Playground is available for purchase.

    1. Certainly will do. I will announce here all new kits and fully build boards. Just waiting on one more delivery of components.

  3. Hello,

    Great job, John! I’m new to CP/M but I love 80-style machines and I’m learning a lot about how the Z80 works from your videos. I’d love to reserve a fully-asssembled kit from your next batch, please! Do you ship to France?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

        1. I am just putting some in boxes right now, and will put on eBay later today. Ready assembled ones only right now.

          1. Hi John,

            I bought one …. Yeah. I am really happy and excited … thank you so much John.

            Your work is Highly appreciated!

            Cheers – Torsten

  4. Can you tell me when you will have the playground v1.2 kits available? How much will the kit cost plus shipping to the USA? Is there a terminal emulation board that can be used with the playground v1.2?


    1. I am making a batch of 10 kits right now. eBay has set up a new method of shipping now which means that I don’t set the shipping cost myself, eBay do. I just mail to a UK address and eBay handle it from there. So bizarrely, I don’t actually know the shipping cost! They also handle the import taxes themselves now. I think it is something to do with Brexit 🙁

  5. I only ever put them on, never occurred to me to put them on other eBays too. I’ll post a link here when I put them up, but the best bet is to favorite my eBay account. That way you can configure it to send you an email when I make a listing. For reasons that I cannot remember I sell as just_the_one_cornetto !!!

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