New batch of Z80 Playgrounds now on eBay!

Yes, finally after waiting ages for components to arrive, they actually arrived! So I’ve made a batch of Z80 Playgrounds and put them on eBay:

I will also be making some kits available soon!

12 thoughts on “New batch of Z80 Playgrounds now on eBay!”

    1. Yes, I’ll be making the kits over the next few days, and more fully assembled boards, and putting them all on eBay. The kit is basically everything that you get in the assembled version, except it is not soldered. The fully assembled is £46 + postage. The kit is £40 + postage.

  1. I was lucky enough to spot this update, just a day or two after I’d been admiring your project.

    Ordered one now, and looking forward to playing with it!

    1. Me too. Pounced when I saw they we’re available! Now thinking about case design… got to be wooden sides… maybe with a perspex lid.

      1. Your Z80 Playground is in the mail. If you build a fancy case, please let us all see a picture! If it is fully enclosed, I suggest a few ventilation holes, because the Z80 can get slightly warm.

  2. I d love to buy a kit
    I started programming on a TMS 9980 university kit, then quickly moved to a Philips P2500 Z80 system for work.
    We are talking 1983 … (betrays my age)
    Nowadays I play around with ESP 32’s but I just need to own one of these for memory lane’s sake…
    Of course through hole soldering is not an issue with my old Weller Soldering station (working well since 1976)
    PS in the old days we also used Datastar and Calcstar besides Wordstar, does anyone still have a copy of these? You had to patch the terminal escape codes in in hex to make it work on a particular terminal (Dec VT100 or Televideo 955)

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