SD.COM for CP/M v2.2

In the new release of CP/M (release 1.01) I have fixed a bug to do with filesizes. This now means that SD.COM shows the correct file sizes! Phew! Finally. Well, correct rounded to the nearest 4K.

You can download SD.COM and SD.ASM here:

2 thoughts on “SD.COM for CP/M v2.2”

  1. I was looking on YouTube for Tiny Basic and I found your site.

    Li Chen Wang developed the original code, I had developed my own
    tiny 8080 computer, which I still have, and converted the code for the
    Intel Assembler. We also introduced @copyleft..

    1. What?!?!? Are you the Roger Rauskolb who wrote this:
      If so, it is amazing that you are here! I love Tiny Basic. I use it as a tool to try out really simple things on my Z80 Playground. I have always though that modern compiled computer languages lack the interactive nature of the old interpreted stuff.
      I also see that there is a lot of interest in the Altair these days. People are making replica ones. It did dawn on me that I could put a Z80 Playground behind a panel with some switches and lights on it, and have my own Altair! Maybe a project for the future, after I’ve done my long-awaited “Poor-man’s-Jupiter-Ace”.

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